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Terms and Conditions

  • Purchases range as follows for a 100 x 80 space: Billionaire Advertising for 2 years - US $100; You may purchase as many spaces as needed
  • Once you have submitted an image or link it cannot be changed unless there is a strong reason such as a major structural change, lawsuits, your site no longer exists, etc.
  • The link will be online for 2 years for US $100 from the day of its inception. You will be notified before your time expires concerning renewal.
  • Links with obscene, offensive, or adult images will not be accepted. I decide what is appropriate for my site. If your image or link is rejected, you may be provided an alternative; otherwise you will receive a refund and lose your pixels.
  • If your link is accepted and you decide to change the content later on to obscene, offensive, or adult images, your link will be removed. You will have the opportunity to provide a new one. There will be no refund of any kind for the link downtime.
  • There will be no refund if you decide to remove your link in the future. Once you remove your link, your space becomes available again.
  • Images must be the size that you paid for.
  • Use GIF, JPG, or PNG format only
  • No animation allowed.
  • Links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
  • You must be authorized to provide the image and link for the website that you submit.
  • Before your pixels go on the webpage, funds must be received in full and cleared in my account.
  • There will be an occassional downtime for site maintenance. Please be patient.
  • Once I have received your order and your funds have cleared my account, I plan to have your pixels online within 72 hours. Please be patient. There will be an influx of orders.
  • Now that you are all set to buy pixels, select your purchase amount.

Upload your images here. Please allow 72 hours for posting of your information.
Please upload only images that end in: .jpg, .gif, .png
You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Click here to send an email of your company logo. (Please add a brief description of your company to be added to site). If you do not have a website, make your purchase and go to the Contact Page and type in your information.

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